Develop the competencies of your volunteer employees

The passing on from employees to volunteer employees implies a before and after for companies. Many studies show the potential of volunteering to develop competencies, both at a personal and professional level. However, it is necessary to define correctly the desired competencies according to the needs of each employee.

Pioneer Methodology

When corporate volunteering is properly managed it has the potential to have a decisive impact on the skill level of the people who participate in the programs. In other words, it represents one of the main impacts that corporate volunteering has in business.

For this reason, in Voluntariado y Estrategia we are bet for Professional Volunteering and, based on our experience, we have innovated and developed an adhoc methodology that we offer through three services:

  • Volunteering based on skills and probono.

  • Skills development through volunteering.

  • Competencies certification.

  • Innovation

  • Team Work

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Adaptation to change

  • Impact and Influence

Skill-based volunteering or probono

We offer skill-based or probono volunteering which allows employees to acquire new skills and leave their comfort zone.

Through this volunteering, professionals offer their skills to people or organizations that seek to achieve a social objective but who cannot pay for these services.

The advantages of offering this type of volunteering to your employees are multiple:

  • It increases their pride of belonging to the company. By participating in solidarity actions, they become aware of the potential and utily of their work so the ONGs succeed in their work.
  • Satisfaction with the company because it facilitates these enriching and rewarding experiences.
  • Increase of the group’s commitment with the social sector and the areas in which this volunteering works, by providing a value that goes beyond healthcare.

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Skills development

To achieve the development of talent that is specifically pursued, we have a tool that analyzes skills in a double sense.

On the one hand, it allows identifying which activities enhance the competencies that we want to develop or reinforced. On the other hand, it shows what specific skills are developed with each activity.

Competencies matrix

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Competencies certification

By certifying the skills developed by corporate volunteers, we achieve a double recognition for volunteers:

  • A formal one, that comes from your company, of the learning they have achieved.
  • A concrete proof of the work evaluation that they have carried out.

We have defined a specific pioneering methodology for corporate volunteers that we have implemented in leading companies such as Samsung.

We have also developed a methodology for United Nations that identifies and certifies the competencies that volunteers have to formally recognize their learning and support their employability.

We have collaborated with the Spanish Volunteering Platform in VOL +, a tool that improves the volunteers employability, which provides many added values to volunteer work.

Hemos colaborado con la Plataforma del Voluntariado de España en VOL +, una herramienta mejora la empleabilidad de las personas voluntarias, que aporta muchos valores añadidos a la labor del voluntariado.