Innovation laboratory

Social innovation is implicit in our genes. We spend time and effort thinking about different ways to reply to current problems, introducing process changes, or designing and implementing groundbreaking projects that respond to the social needs we face.


#COMPANIES4SDGs is an initiative that we carry out with the support of IMPACT 2030 to train, involve and imply employees in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the communication channels and the corporate volunteering program of their companies. It is composed by three campaigns with three objectives.
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#ODS en familia

An initiative that helps to continue driving the SDGs with the family durings this time of confinement.

We present several recommendations or challenges to be carried out individually and / or with the family to:

  • Contribute to the objective set by the SDGs through sustainable habits and actions that can be done during confinement;
  • Raise awareness among children about the SDGs;
  • Engage more people by sharing our actions on social networks.

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'Live the SDGs with small sustainable actions during confinement''

Letters against loneliness

Letters Against Solitude is an initiative organized together with Fundación FDI: employees express their affection by correspondence to take away some of the loneliness of elderly or disabled people who are isolated in residences.

His handwritten words as anecdotes, tales or stories, but also photographs or drawings scanned and sent to residences arouse smiles and lift spirits.

They are corporate volunteers from companies such as CaixaBank, Iberdrola, Fundación Telefónica, Fundación Repsol, Prosegur, Enagás, Pernod Ricard Winemakers, Urbaser, Allianz, Werfen, Campofrío or SAP.

Click & Gift

A virtual cards program, aimed at companies for their marketing or CSR actions.

Employees may donate to the causes they choose or participate as cyber activists and engage actively in the selected social cause, sharing in social networks to raise awareness for the cause encouraging other people to participate.