Non-presential corporate volunteering

he non-face-to-face volunteering may have the same motivations and requests as any other volunteering, but to be successful in Voluntariado y Estrategia we believe that it is essential to have an adequate strategy to provide this type of volunteering with a clear objective and purpose.

The volunteering that has come to stay

More and more organizations are betting on non-presential corporate volunteering from home or work due to the many benefits it has.

In Voluntariado y Estrategia we have incorporated an essential service of this type of volunteering to be able to support you in different ways.

  • Adapting your existing programs to activities that can be done in a non-presential way

  • Definition of a non-presential volunteering strategy

  • Specific programs both virtually at home or in the office

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Adapting current programs

In Volunteering and Strategy, non-presential volunteering is very relevant since it allows volunteers to support numerous social causes through a computer, tablet or smartphone virtually.

In addition to virtual volunteering, this type of volunteering also allows you to carry out those volunteer initiatives that can be done from home or even with the family without having to travel.

Thanks to this type of volunteering from Voluntariado y Estrategia we can adapt the volunteer programs that companies have at the moment to other activities that can be done in a non-presential way enabling to expand the range of possibilities.

In this way, new activities provide employees a greater agility and flexibility and it is the perfect impulse for workers to develop their ability to adapt to new ways of working and volunteering.

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Specific non-presential volunteer programs

Online mentoring

Volunteers can support people who are interested in improving their job skills or personal abilites to improve their employability.

Online Pro bono

Volunteers will offer their support to people or organizations that need their knowledge to achieve the social objective that they have set.

Online leisure

Online spaces where volunteers can interact with beneficiaries and enjoy together promoting diversity and skills such as empathy, active listening and interpersonal relationships.

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