The creation and development of an ambitious Strategic Corporate Volunteering Plan, aligned with your objectives and with the best you can contribute to society with, will allow you to take advantage to the maximum if the benefits that each of the parts provides: employees, company, social entity and direct beneficiaries.

What does your corporate volunteering plan include?

In Voluntariado y Estrategia we are professionals specialised in designing volunteering plans for your company, taking into account their potential, their needs and the needs of the community. We find the perfect connexion between companies and social organisations to create enriching collaborations with a high social impact.
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As soon as you trust our team to develop your Strategic Corporate Volunteering Plan, we initiate the project to find the best solution for you. We carry out an internal and external analysis, a matrix of strategic and operational objectives and we prepare the plan.

How do we measure the impact?

In Voluntariado y Estrategia we evaluate the volunteering programmes of our clients and we measure the impact they have in the business, thanks to the modern technical statistics application, that allows us to identify the causal relations between different variables. This way, we are able to quantify what the volunteering plan really provides to your business.
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Infrastructure design and organisation of the corporate volunteering programme


Determination of the different volunteering types of action, according to the strategic and operative aims of the plan.


Definition of a volunteering recruitment plan.


Identification and management of allies.


Internal and External management, in collaboration with the communication department.


Evaluation Plan design of the whole programme and mediation of its impact.

Non-presential volunteering is here to stay

We suggest companies to add the best ways of virtual participation to their strategies. It is essential that they have a suitable strategy so that non-presential volunteering has a clear objective and a purpose. How? Following 10 steps as you can see in the image.
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Some companies where we have designed strategic actions

Maximum Comeback

Despite the complexity of measuring the intangible elements in an organisation, beyond their impact in the result account, we work to achieve the maximum possible information of comeback that you can achieve with your strategic plan at all levels.
According to the characteristics of each plan, we design and execute the most adequate mediation system. From the ‘Drivers of Effectiveness for Employee Volunteering and Giving Problems’ to a system
based in four dimensions: Design, Development, Execution and Impact, as well as methodologies that measure the impact of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).