Training and analysis for a successful volunteering

Training is a fundamental aspect for the success of a corporate volunteering program, both from the perspective of the positive experience that our volunteers have as of the social impact that we want to generate. It is also essential to know the environment or the interested groups we are targeting. Therefore, we help our clients to make their initiatives more strategic through studies and analysis from different focuses.

A big think tank of good practices and trends

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Since 2011 we coordinate Voluntare, the largest Latin American network for the promotion of Corporate Volunteering in Spain and Latin America.

Currently more than 80 companies and social and academic entities that lead corporate volunteering are part of the network.

We are a great think tank in which we share, through new dynamics and innovative formats, good practices and the latest trends in volunteering. This way we can push forward innovative programs with a high impact for the community.

At Voluteca we have a large library with resource files, videos, audiovisual materials, publications and studies done so that anyone can learn more about corporate volunteering.

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Webinars for program managers

Improving our management skills directly affects the results we obtain.

For this reason, at Voluntare we have launched free webinars for managers of corporate volunteer programs interested in acquiring training on specific topics.

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Training pills for volunteers

From Voluntariado y Estrategia we also offer a number of training pills aimed at companies that want to improve the training of the employees involved in corporate volunteer programs. They are taught by industry experts, selected based on their expertise, as webinars or one hour online seminar at the time and date requested by the company.
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Advanced Course in Corporate Volunteering

In conjunction with Nebrija University, its collaborating center ISEMCO and Voluntare.

Implemented in 2017, taking the course gives the right to a obtain a degree issued and certified by Nebrija University, with a value of 2 ECTS credits. In addition, it is a training subsidized by Fundae. Every year a new edition is launched and you can consult it here.

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Consut us

If you are a company or social entity, we can accompany you in your training to face daily challenges in the best possible way. Train yourself in what will offer you the most results and achieve your goals more efficiently.