What is corporate volunteering?

The active commitment of companies is essential to produce a significant change in society. Corporate volunteering is the most accurate tool we have because of the involvement of all parties.

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Why do we need Corporate Volunteering?

Corporate Volunteering can be defined as the compound of projects developed by a company, where both the active and retired employees intervene, with the aim of contributing to social development, conservation of the environment or the cooperation of developing countries, as well as any other social aim that both the company and the employees consider interesting. The final aim of these projects is to mobilise employees to improve the living conditions of specific communities or specific vulnerable groups through a shared effort.
El fin último de estos proyectos es movilizar a los empleados para mejorar las condiciones de vida de las comunidades donde están presentes o de determinados colectivos desfavorecidos a través del esfuerzo compartido.
Corporate Volunteering is, therefore, a strategy of employee management, that assumes the commitment of contributing directly to the community as well as being socially responsible.

The employee

In Corporate Volunteering, the employee is the main character of the projects and materialises the commitment of the company with society.

The company

It decides, organises, plans, allocates resources, supervises, communicates results and integrates the projects in its social strategy.

Multiple benefits

A well defined and implemented strategic corporate volunteering programme can turn into a competition and innovation factor that generates competitive advantages for the business and an added value for interest groups.

Motivated and committed employees

Responsible company perception

Loyal feelings towards the company

Favours internal communication

Stronger empathy towards the environment

Eliminates barriers between departments

Corporate Volunteering increases employee commitment towards their company.

According to a study made by Voluntare, corporate volunteering has a very important impact on employee engagement. In particular, it rises to 20%, and this affects very directly the business.
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Volunteering can also be non-presential

In Voluntariado y Estrategia we have incorporated non-presential volunteering as an essential service that provides multiple benefits and advantages.

The most common non-presential volunteering format is virtual volunteering. This modality offers the volunteers the oportunity to support social causes through tasks, usually based on people’s skills, which can be done through a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, thanks to the possibilities offered by TICs.

Other ways of non-presential volunteering are those volunteering initiatives that can be carried out from home or even participating with family without having to travel or with minor displacements.

We all have something to give

In Voluntariado y Estretegia we are aiming for corporate volunteering as the key to make our clients grow and generate a positive and real social change.

  • Our team has been a key agent in the evolution of corporate volunteering in Spain in the last years. It has moved from being promoted only by Anglo-Saxon multinationals to being a reference in Europe with:
  • Voluntare Pioneer Networks at an international level such as Voluntare
  • Academic training for corporate volunteering administrators
  • Corporate Volunteering Observatory, acknowledged in the Law of Volunteering
  • Volunteering Programmes leaders at an international level.