Benefits of volunteering for companies

Can you imagine what corporate volunteering can do for your company? And everything yout company can do for its employees and society?

A real impact yet to explore

Our aim in Voluntario y Estretegia is clear: setting up volunteer work inside companies as a strategic and efficient activity, aligned with the mission of our clients. This way we manage to maximise the benefits both for the companies and for society in general.

Driving social transformation

At Voluntariado y Estrategia we believe that every action counts and that everyone has the power to drive social change and transform the community in which we live.

We inspire, accompany and equip companies and people to promote social change in order to benefit everyone.

Our methodology

We transform people who transform organizations and the world.

We offer you consulting services where you will find all the specialised support. We advise you in the design, execution and evaluation of your volunteering programmes. You will work with real experts at an international scale. We will do it focusing on two main concepts:

  • The Strategy

    We already know that Social Responsibility development generates multiple benefits for companies, if correctly done. The aim for Corporate Volunteering should be strategic and well formulated and executed, aligned with a strategy that involves the objectives of the company.

  • The measurable and real impact

    With actions that are not just nice headlines. We are looking for corporate volunteering programmes that imply a real change in companies, employees, organisations and beneficiaries, that make the company grow and their environment improve with measurable results.

We study your company, the value your employees can provide and we create a corporate volunteering programme where everyone comes out ahead.

Professional demand

Corporate volunteering has a potential impact that is yet to be explored in most organisations. In order for this impact to be real and optimal, the same level of professionalisation should be dedicated to any other type of initiative promoted by a company that involves its employees.
Internal and External Aims
Evaluation and measurement of the impact
of volunteers
and NGOs
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Real Benefits

Aim for an adequate execution, planning, control and evaluation of your corporate volunteering plan to guarantee benefits at a reputational level and most importantly, that your contribution to society is aligned with your business’ values, implying a real, positive and synergy change.
You volunteering programme is very important. Don’t allow for its impact to be limited or for it to loose credit. Trust Voluntariado y Estrategia and maximise the value of your company. We will accompany you in the process of events and specialised training. Your employees will develop the competences you are looking for.
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Non-presential volunteering

In Voluntariado y Estrategia we have integrated non-face-to-face volunteering as an essential service, since this provides numerous benefits and enables to carry out a big number of volunteering initiatives from home or even participating with family without having to travel.

Your project

We are at your disposal in Spain, Germany and the whole of Latin America. Contact us for more information.